Cure Joint Pain: The Secret
These days joint pain is so common, itís like it automatically comes with age, but it wasnít always like this. There was a time when no one had joint pain or arthritis, because everything was different. There were no chemical preservatives, chemical additives, pesticides, herbicides, GMOs, chemtrails, smog, drugs, nuclear waste, microwaves, pharmaceuticals, fake vitamin pills or anything else synthetic.

At that time in history there was no one complaining of arthritis or all the aches and pains we hear about constantly today. There were many more people who enjoyed their old age without worrying about chronic ill or chronic pain; hearing someone died from cancer or heart disease was rare, because most everyone died from ďold ageĒ. Yes, there are a few today that can still claim to have died from old age, but itís rare.

But It Doesnít Have To Be Like This!

You can understand why you feel any joint pain in the first place, then once you understand the why, the how to cure it becomes much simpler, right? Nothing stops understanding faster than saying, ďthereís no cureĒ. If thereís no cure, then why would you bother looking for a cure, right? You wouldnít waste any time looking for a cure and instead focus on numbing your pain with drugs Ė thatís how they want you to live out the rest of your life! Well, this lie ends here and ends now! Do you want to know the real cause of joint pain or arthritis? Itís so simple, even a child can understand this Ė ready? Toxic accumulation! Let me say it again Ė the cause of your joint pain is toxic accumulation!
Hope you enjoy the chemicals you eat
For years I have gone into food stores and read labels only to not know what half the ingredients were. I got to thinking, that maybe Iím not alone when it comes to knowing what the rest of them are. So, Iíve put together what might be a one-stop shopping guide to understanding whatís in your food. A good idea would be to print this and take it with you when you go shopping.

This is also known as acesulfame K or ace K. Commercially, it is marketed as Sweet One and Sunett. It is nothing more that a calorie-free, chemical, artificial sweetener that is used in over 5,000 products worldwide. You will find it in chewing gum, diet drinks, and light fruit drinks and used as a sugar replacement in desserts and baked goods because of its heat stability. It is 200 times sweeter than sugar and despite no testing done to determine its safety for human consumption, the Fraud and Drug Administration has not required testing despite knowing that this crap can cause cancer in animals. Oh yeah, it is not metabolized or stored in the body.

The basic use of food acids are to enhance flavors and act as preservatives, to increase shelf life, and antioxidants to somehow provide some sort of artificial protection.
Too Many Diet Scams Online Are Fooling You

It seems everyone and their grandma has another diet to share with you and another weight-loss story where someone lost 100lbs or more. Of course, if you try any of these diets, most likely you wonít lose any weight permanently and probably just injure yourself, which will make it harder to lose weight permanently the next time. You see, people are so eager to lose weight that they donít stop to look at exactly what that diet does to your body Ė maybe itís because as long as you lose weight, then thatís all that counts?

But Thatís Not What Counts!

There is one thing far more important than losing weight, and thatís losing only unhealthy fat permanently. This way, you get to keep all your healthy fat and of course never lose any muscle, which guarantees you will never experience rebound or that dreadful sagging skin.

Diets Are Dangerous!

There..I said it! Diets are dangerous! Why? Because all the fad diets, all the hyped diets, all the crazy diets, all the celeb diets and all the other diets are either downright unhealthy or not healthy enough. And when your diet is unhealthy or not healthy enough, you just end up starving yourself, whether you feel full or not. You didnít think starvation or malnutrition only happened when you are hungry, did you? NOPE! You can eat a huge steak dinner with mashed potatoes, a side of soup with some garlic bread and then wash it down with some red wine, yet still starve yourself!

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