12 Signs that you are Protein Deficient
While society would have us think we get more than enough protein in our diet, what I see as a nutrition professional is just the opposite.  Too many are still on the low fat bandwagon and thus are eating a high carb diet. Many start the day with zero grams of protein!

What would happen if we did not consume protein?

The simple answer is that the body would not function normally without protein and its essential amino acids.  While we can survive just fine by consuming a low carb diet, the same cannot be said for a low protein diet.  Yet, many are doing this without realizing it.

Most people consume some protein daily and if you miss a few days due to illness you will be fine. However a long term protein deficiency can produce some significant symptoms but it can take up to a year of protein deficiency before these symptoms start to shout out at you. By then you may not be able to connect the dots of your symptoms to an unintentional low protein diet.

Here is why you need protein and what happens if you are deficient

Compromised immune system. Are you picking up every germ that floats by?  Is it taking you longer to recover?
Protein deprived body will grow weaker over time
Slow to heal from injury: you need protein to rebuild and heal.
Your hormones, neurotransmitters, hemoglobin and antibodies all need protein to function.
Protein is part of your nails, hair, skin, muscles and joints.
It helps to regulate the pH of your body tissues and fluid
You need it to transport nutrients
It can be used for energy if necessary.
Natural Weight Gaining Remedies
Natural Weight Gaining Remedies

For some people gaining weight is one of their hardest achievements.  Theyíre not lucky by any means, maybe they need the weight gain for health or career purposes and due to their high metabolisms and ectomorph body type they cannot put it on.  For these individuals many cheat routes are taken.  Either through constant Ďfast foodí or various dietary and weight gaining supplements.  These cheat routes however can become costly and may not work as advertised by many misleading marketing campaigns.  Most over the counter supplements are also considered to be in a dietary category and therefore do not all have to undergo FDA testing.  This makes for a lot of startup companies that promise great results by using professional fitness models as users of their product.

Weight gain is a task that can be met and for many will come with age naturally.  However, if weight gain is the end goal with natural weight gaining remedies the weight can be put on and kept on.
10 Reasons Itís Time to Work Out on the Indoor Rower

If youíve ever been to the gym recently, you might have noticed a new piece of exercise equipment that many people are gravitating towards. Itís the rowing machine, and itís the hottest new thing in the fitness world these days.

But like many overhyped items, we have to know. Does the indoor rower really live up to all the hype surrounding it? Or will it eventually lose steam once the furor dies away?

Well, we can only hope that the rowing machine continues to enjoy its newfound place of elevation at fitness centers because it is by far one of the best pieces of fitness equipment anybody can possibly invest in.

If you havenít tried going on the indoor rower yet, I suggest you go to your favorite gym and get on one. The almost meditative back-and-forth movements you make may fool you into thinking rowing is a walk in the park, but itís not. Rowing gives your body one of the best workouts you can ever get. Once you try it, you might just easily fall in love with it.

Check out the reasons why I recommend getting on the indoor rower.

1. Full-body workout

There are very few exercises that can work out as many muscles as indoor rowing. Did you know that when you row, you exercise every single major muscle group in your body? Thatís right. From the legs to your core, to your lower and upper back, and then to your arms, rowing hits around 80% of all your muscles, way more than plenty of other exercises out there.

2. Low-impact and injury-free

Unlike running where youíre hitting the ground, or kickboxing where youíre jumping around and hitting something with your hands or feet, rowing leaves practically zero impact on your joints. Because your feet are on the foot rests and your hands are holding the handle, there is no impact on your knees, hips, and shoulders. This makes rowing a great exercise for people with joint problems or are recovering from injury.

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