Apple set to destroy reality and ensnare “tech hipsters” into augmented worlds that disconnect people from reality

Just like Eve who was lured into taking a bite out of the forbidden apple in the Garden of Eden, many people today are enamored with the idea of chomping down on anything that tech giant Apple throws their way. This includes so-called “next level” technologies like the one the Apple is currently working on and soon to unveil, known as “augmented reality.” A.R. will reportedly allow users to basically live in a fake world filled with superimposed images of things that don’t actually exist.

At the recent 2017 Worldwide Developers Conference (W.W.D.C.), Apple C.E.O. Tim Cook was brimming with excitement over the prospect of coaxing even more unsuspecting victims into his company’s latest technological snare. Speaking about A.R., Cook told the media that he is “so excited about it” that he literally wants to “yell out and scream.”

Whether gleefully naive or even demonic, Cook’s guttural response to A.R.’s release is particularly bizarre, especially when considering that it serves no real purpose other than to erase yet another element of humanity from the social sphere. By drawing more people into a fake reality projected through virtual simulations – similar to the Google Glass concept – society will become even more glued to their phones and other similar technologies at the expense of interacting with others.

Preppers: Protect your stash from these four pests

Stockpiling is a good way of storing food for future survival needs. However, pests remain among the biggest hurdles in stockpiling. According to Census Bureau‘s newly released American Housing Survey, 11 percent of U.S. households had encounters with rats or mice in 2015 alone, while 12 percent had reported encounters with cockroaches.

The survey also revealed that Houston was the most pest-infested city in the country, with eight percent of households reporting rat or mice encounters and 38 percent having cockroach encounters. Among the top 10 pest-infested cities in the country are Washington D.C., Atlanta, Philadelphia, Nashville, Phoenix, Boston,  Miami, and Tampa. Aside from rats and roaches, moths and ants have also become a nuisance among households.

With these numbers at hand, it would be essential to know how to effectively thwart these pests and keep them away from stockpiles. This article will walk you through steps to protect your stockpile from these pests.

For America to survive, we must declare independence from Big Pharma’s failed medical monopoly

Although suddenly everyone is aware of the looming financial collapse of the State of Illinois, almost no one is aware of why it’s actually happening. And the lying mainstream media — purveyors of fake news — won’t dare tell you the real truth: Illinois is being bankrupted by Big Pharma and the failed “sick care” medical establishment.

With a current payables backlog of $15 billion it owes to contractors that include “sick care” providers, Illinois also owes $251 billion in future pension benefits that include health care coverage. That’s a quarter of a trillion dollars for a state that is so far beyond broke that even mainstream news organizations are calling its financial situation “catastrophic.”

On top of that, a recent court ruling demands the state now pay $586 million per month to catch up on all the unpaid Medicaid bills it owes doctors, hospitals, cancer clinics and drug companies. State comptroller Susana Mendoza says, “Friday’s ruling would cause her to likely have to cut payments to the state’s pension funds, state payroll or payments to local governments,” according to the Chicago Tribune. “As if the governor and legislators needed any more reason to compromise and settle on a comprehensive budget plan immediately, Friday’s ruling by the U.S. District Court takes the state’s finances from horrific to catastrophic,” said Mendoza.

Like all the other states, Illinois has flushed billions down the toilet to enrich Big Pharma’s failed “sick care” treatments

The real reason Illinois is going broke is because the health care system in America is technically a legal drug cartel … a profiteering monopoly that transfers economic wealth from the citizens to the pockets of drug companies.

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